Hardware frame
FunnyRobot Platform
Hardware frame
I adopt motors together with gearboxes sold by Tamiya, Inc. to construct the motional mechanism.
Because the sensors as well as the assembled batteries have to be mounted on the frame, I sketched a double-decked scheme to make the framework. The top deck is reconstructed from a biscuit barrel that has iron characteristic; thus, I can temporarily fix sensors above it using magnets. This function is designed to make the debugging process easier; moreover, the holes used for fixing connectors with the bottom deck are drilled out by a bench drill.
Since the frame is metallic, exposed electrodes of the controller have the risk of being short circuits; therefore, I used a spray printer to paint the covers in order to prevent potential danger.
The bottom deck of the chassis consists of several pieces of CDs. After testing, I confirmed that three layers of CDs stuck together via epoxide resin have enough hardness and toughness. I used a scroll saw to modify the shape of the CDs, and the holes on them are also drilled out by a bench drill.
I combined the items together after finishing all the above sections, using copper screws and connectors.
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